First polio outbreak case reported in Malawi in 5 years

MalawI reported its first wild polio virus case in 5 years, Africa was declared wild polio free on 25  August 2020, but today it infected a three year old girl. She was admitted in hospital after suffering paralysis and after further various tests and laboratory examinations it was reported that the causative strain was the one circulating in Pakistan which is still a epidemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to experts it is difficult to say whether the virus is actively transmitted or not but due to high vaccinations rates and high level of surveillance it might not be a reason to worry. UN heath agencies added that due to covid pandemic restrictions and due to recent cyclone, millions of kids have not received immunizations thus they are prone to measles, polio, yellow fever etc. The GPEI is sending teams to Malawi to monitor the situation assist them in vaccinating children’s and help promoting vaccination camps as the disease is incurable, is capable of causing permanent paralysis within hours but can only be prevented by vaccinations.


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